Thinking for myself again… thanks anime!

When summer rolled around this year, I decided to use my lack of a busy schedule to take a break from watching current airing anime and picking up the shows I had in my queue for a while now. Thanks to this, I missed out on a few titles from the summer season and filled up my queue with the titles I saw my friends hyping on Twitter. One of these anime was Orange.

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I’m not really a writer (and other stuff)

Recently, I left a site I was writing for. I’ve only written for it for six months, and with very few pieces to my name, I decided early on that despite enjoying writing as a hobby, it didn’t look like much of a career prospect. I stuck with the site for a few more months until everything became so busy for me that I eventually had to take my leave. While it was ultimately for the best, I do sort of miss the professionalism the site had.

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Suddenly, a Masterpiece – Your Lie in April

I’ve been getting concerned over my growing disinterest in anime. When it was new to me, it was so exciting. I’d rush home from school to fly through a series in a single night and love it regardless of how good it actually was. I used to spend hours watching and reading about it. I didn’t have very many people to talk to about it, so I started writing about it online. It introduced me to some really great people and some really fun moments. But as of late, it’s been work. It’s mixed into both a hobby and a job, and having to keep up with a lot of recent releases really takes away the time I once had to sit through a whole show at once. I still like anime now, but it felt that recently it’s been less special to me, like the magic is fading. Continue reading “Suddenly, a Masterpiece – Your Lie in April”

Enjoying Bad Anime

Sometimes a show isn’t worth watching because it’s necessarily good, but rather because it’s enjoyable in some way. Hell, I’ve watched some pretty okay shows I liked a lot, and some anime that wasn’t even slightly good ended up presenting something that was at least pretty nice to sit through. Sometimes the empty calorie shows, the anime that provide nothing substantial, are the sweetest ones. A bad anime that’s fun to watch is better than a good one that puts me to sleep in my book, and I think I should honor these second-rate works of art by doing more than giving them a slightly higher score on MAL than they rationally deserve.

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I Thought Erased Was Okay

There may be spoilers in this post. Sorry.

At the beginning of the winter anime season, I didn’t have many shows I was looking forward to watching. Not wanting an idle season, I asked what people were looking forward to for the season, and every single person mentioned an anime called Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (or Erased if you want a simpler name I guess). A quick Google search told me that it was a mystery, and because a mystery anime sounded like something I would have been hella into, I added it to my Crunchyroll queue and waited for it to become available to the poor plebeians like myself. Continue reading “I Thought Erased Was Okay”

I bought some awful Korean mecha anime and I regret everything

You know movies that are so bad, they’re good? Enjoyable despite clearly being awful? Do you ever come across these movies without anybody telling you about them first and find that that makes them so much better? Well, I thought that’d be the case when I found Defenders of Space and Protectors of Universe hidden deep behind other anime at a local shop and priced at 99 cents each. With titles like these and a price this low, how could I go wrong? This is going to be fun, right? Continue reading “I bought some awful Korean mecha anime and I regret everything”

Kill la Kill: Character in Presentation

Kill la Kill is a titan, a smash hit among anime fans of all kinds of tastes and opinions. It was easily the most popular anime to debut in fall 2013, drawing in hordes of people who liked action, Gurren Lagann, cosplay, and shameless fanservice, and regardless of what had you curious, it delivered, and it even left you with much more than you were anticipating. Despite what the revealing character designs led people to initially believe, this anime had a story. A damn good one. Continue reading “Kill la Kill: Character in Presentation”