Sometimes a show isn’t worth watching because it’s necessarily good, but rather because it’s enjoyable in some way. Hell, I’ve watched some pretty okay shows I liked a lot, and some anime that wasn’t even slightly good ended up presenting something that was at least pretty nice to sit through. Sometimes the empty calorie shows, the anime that provide nothing substantial, are the sweetest ones. A bad anime that’s fun to watch is better than a good one that puts me to sleep in my book, and I think I should honor these second-rate works of art by doing more than giving them a slightly higher score on MAL than they rationally deserve.

Oh, this post is a continuation of sorts on a post I made a little while ago about forcing myself to watch bad anime. I didn’t force myself through all of the technically bad shows I’ve seen, so instead of having it seem that that was the case, this post is here. Hope you at least think it’s okay.

To start, I’d like mention a show called Anime de Training! Ex that, realistically, is probably awful. Regardless of that, I sort of liked it. It is a short that clearly wasn’t made to be anything more than exactly what it looks like at a quick glance (that being four minute episodes of high school girls working out in tight clothes so that they can become idols), and it didn’t actually end up being anything more. Sometimes it makes a basic attempt at throwing together some humor, but it doesn’t really work. The art is okay at best. The voice acting is alright. There really isn’t a whole lot, and it isn’t good. Despite this, I liked it. It was shallow and sometimes was kind of cute, so marathoning it was really easy. Plus, the end of the show rewards you with a song. So that’s nice.

Yes, it really is as suggestive as it looks. No, honestly it isn’t worth it. Tachibana Akikio is best girl though

When I started watching Locodol, it was on a whim, so I had no idea I was throwing myself into another idol anime. I’m definitely not opposed to idol anime (I actually quite like idol anime to be honest), but at the time, I’ve been watching a lot of idol anime, and the ones I was watching very enjoyable. So I was pretty disappointed at first. However, Locodol was a lot of fun to watch. It was an empty show for sure, but it was unbearably cute too. The characters all worked very well together, and they were all so adorable. Shamelessly careening through each episode in a single weekend was not a challenge at all, and it was so refreshing. I had so much fun watching, it was kind of shocking to look back and realize that it was technically kind of garbage. However, Locodol is very special garbage, and an equally garbage season 2 would be very much appreciated.

Honestly do you see this shit?! It’s so cute just looking at it makes me wanna rewatch it.

The general consensus for Engaged to the Unidentified is that it is actually very good. While I did like the show, I can’t agree with that assessment. It was oddly paced, stuffed with lackluster characters and some disappointing plot direction. I didn’t think it was very good from a pretentious standpoint, but from a genuine standpoint, it was the cutest Japanese Team Jacob fanfic I’ve watched so far. It’s so cute. I realize that I said every single one of these shows was cute, but I really mean it for Engaged to the Unidentified. It is one of the most genuinely adorable things God l ever graced the Earth with. Even the OP and ED are ridiculously cute. Also the art is really nice because it was made by TOHO Animations but hey that’s not what’s important

I feel like I don’t even have to explain myself here.

Lastly, a genuinely awful load of shit that isn’t cute in any way that I still kind of like is Protectors of Universe, a sad mistake I’ve previously written about. This movie cost me a dollar and it was still waste of money. There really shouldn’t be anything to justify me liking it. However, I do like one thing and one thing only about this movie, and that’s the fact that sometimes the background and environments can be nice to look at. I can’t imagine ever possibly watching it again for any other reason than to look at some not-so pretty 80’s lo-fi sci-fi anime art, but I did enjoy that aspect regardless.

Please don’t waste your money on bad movies.

A mistake that I regret but appreciate more than Defenders of Space.

An anime doesn’t have to be good to be likable one some way. I mean, even Glasslip had something going for it. Maybe it might be best to stop being so critical all the time and sit back and enjoy what is given to us regardless of whether it is a work of art or a waste of time with no cute anime girls. Besides, every anime is at least somebody’s favorite.


9 thoughts on “Enjoying Bad Anime

  1. You said what needed to be said haha. I agree that sometimes a bad anime can still be enjoyable to read. I personally really liked Engaged to the Unidentified and did think it was quite good, but it does have plenty of short comings. And glad I’m not the only one who watched Anime de Training! Ex haha.

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  2. Oooooooh. Interesting topic. Indeed, I can totally relate with you. I’m in an extremely moody watcher, so whenever I’m in a serious mode, I can’t bear to watch “bad” anime or should I say “shallow” ones. However, when I feel very agreeable, I mostly just wants to entertain and my standards are severely lowered. Thus, I laugh like a lunatic at the most stupid anime. But I’m not ashamed of it. And I really like the phrase you used to describe Locodol—“special garbage”. Perhaps I’ll use this phrase too when describing bad anime I enjoyed. Good post. Keep it up. Cheers!

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