It feels like each new year is shorter than the last. In fact, this last year passed by so fast, I didn’t even realize my blog was turning a year old until I had just sat down to actually get around to writing something. But what do you know, I actually managed to commit to doing something for a year, and it was actually a lot of fun.

Watching anime has always been a lot of fun, of course, but talking about anime is so much fun too. I don’t really have any friends that like anime as much as I do, so I started writing about it here. Though it took a bit of getting used to, I’m having a lot of fun writing about anime when I can get around to it and reading what other people think as well. I’m starting to feel a larger sense of community now. I’ve learned about some anime I never would have known about if it weren’t for blogging. And the fact that the people who read my writing come from such a diverse array of countries feels super cool, like my ramblings about cartoons actually reach further than I’d think.

I needed to stick a picture somewhere, so here’s a Non Non Biyori picture since I write about it a lot.

I didn’t think that blogging would really do a lot for me, but it not only got me a lot more excited about both anime and writing, but it also even gave me the opportunity to write for an actual website. Like, anime reviews and stuff. Official opinions. Opinions with authority.

And even though writing for another website takes up a lot of the time and energy I’d like to put into blogging, doing both is a lot of fun and I’m happy to do them each. I’ve never really been as consistent in posting anything as most others anyway, so I figure the weeks between posts now aren’t really anything too out of the ordinary.

Whoa, another filler picture from an anime I like.

In a year, I have only put out a handful of posts, and I’ve taken down a few, either because my opinions have changed on it, I didn’t feel like my points were very well articulated, or the writing was just messy and awful. And despite the fact that I don’t have my first post available anymore, I still have it saved in my drafts. My earliest available post is about Glasslip I guess, with some really shitty connections to Seinfeld for some reason. I barely remember writing it, I don’t have any idea what the hell was going on to be honest.

Since that post, I’ve written about chill anime, anime soundtracks, School-Live (still bums me out just to think about it), Non Non Biyori a handful of times, a post about Kill la Kill that nobody ever reads, bad anime, and the last (and first) review I intend to post on here. I already write anime reviews on another website, so reviewing anime here would feel redundant to me. A lot of bloggers already review anime on WordPress anyway, so it doesn’t really feel necessary for me to do it too. Besides, I don’t have an editor or any guidelines to follow here. I’m free to say whatever I want to say, write whatever I want to write, and watch whatever I want to watch. So instead of posting another “One Piece Episode 435 Review and Analysis” or something, I’m going to try to opt for something a little more interesting.

The past year has been a pretty good one – possibly my best year yet, personally. I’m kind of proud of what I’ve made on this blog, and I’m really excited to continue writing here. I hope you continue to pretend like you’re interested in what I have to say!

Here have a School-Live picture

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