Non Non Biyori: Simple and Sweet

With 2016, I decided to give myself some resolutions for the first time, and one of my resolutions is to write more, specifically here. And fortunately, I got a computer for Christmas (which is a ridiculously good gift and I’m so happy to have it). Having my own computer means more I can write on here a lot more often, and I’m looking forward to it. But I also want to talk about Non Non Biyori… again.

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Gakkougurashi! is one of my favorite anime of 2015

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve written on here, but I really want to get back into it. I’ve tried writing about a lot of different things, but nothing has been interesting enough for me to feel like it was worth finishing. However, up until pretty recently, I’ve been holding off on watching Gakkougurashi (or School-Live if you want a translation I guess), and when I finally got around to it, I felt a lot of things. It was a pretty popular show during the summer and I heard a lot of good things, so I decided it would be a good show to plow through all at once and see what the talk was about. It was a hard thing to binge. The twelve episodes turned into a really depressing three day watch. Continue reading “Gakkougurashi! is one of my favorite anime of 2015”

Sophomore Slump: What It Takes to Make a Good Season 2

CHVRCHES, a synthpop band out of Glasgow, is releasing their second full-length LP, Every Open Eye, on September 25, which is soon. I’m really excited, because I loved their debut album so much, The Bones of What You Believe. But with the anticipation of their sophomore release comes my probably needlessly negative doubts. A term thrown around a lot for things like this is “sophomore slump”, meaning that things aren’t as good the second time around. Though the singles suggest otherwise, I’m a little nervous to see how they pull it off the second time. Oh, this is about anime, trust me.
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The Only Thing Wrong With Angel Beats

SPOILERS. This article has them. Sorry.

Angel Beats is really good. I think it is a near perfect anime, and it is so close to being one, except for a few minor things. Of course, there’s everyone’s issue with it’s criminally short length, and the fact that it should have been 24 episodes long, and while that is disappointing, I guess length doesn’t really make or break an anime anyway (regardless, I’m still debating with myself whether it would benefit from a 24 episode remake). Some characters are undeniably underdeveloped, but at least all of the notable characters got their stories shared. Except for TK. Give me that bastard’s back-story, dammit.

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The Chillest Anime

People have described me as “mellow”, “chill”, and “probably stoned right now.” Conclusively, I’m a pretty relaxed person and these are all sort of accurate (except for that thing about being stoned. I don’t sway that way, son.) I also really like anime, even more so when it is something relaxing and easy to digest. I don’t dislike dense plots and action, but I prefer something a little lighter than that from time to time, and the perfect genre to satisfy that is slice of life, a genre dedicated to watching characters do things that I could very well be doing myself, but instead I’m just watching anime. Probably pathetic.
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The Unfortunate Mess That is Glasslip

I have a habit of surfing through Crunchyroll and watching an anime without knowing anything about it. No knowledge of who worked on it, who’s in it, no summary, nothing. Doing this is actually how I came across my favorite anime, but also some pretty mediocre anime, and every once in a while, just something I don’t like very much at all. While doing this one day, I came across Glasslip, and it became the series I’d watch for the next six hours. However, six hours later, when it was all over, I didn’t feel like I really watched anything happen. I could recall some pretty pictures, maybe a name or two, but nothing that mattered. And being somebody who tends to soak everything in, this was weird. So I knew I had to look into it and see what I missed. Continue reading “The Unfortunate Mess That is Glasslip”