Suddenly, a Masterpiece – Your Lie in April

I’ve been getting concerned over my growing disinterest in anime. When it was new to me, it was so exciting. I’d rush home from school to fly through a series in a single night and love it regardless of how good it actually was. I used to spend hours watching and reading about it. I didn’t have very many people to talk to about it, so I started writing about it online. It introduced me to some really great people and some really fun moments. But as of late, it’s been work. It’s mixed into both a hobby and a job, and having to keep up with a lot of recent releases really takes away the time I once had to sit through a whole show at once. I still like anime now, but it felt that recently it’s been less special to me, like the magic is fading. Continue reading “Suddenly, a Masterpiece – Your Lie in April”